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Pediatric Weight Loss Specialist

Excelsis Health

Board-Certified Obesity Medicine Specialists & Lifestyle Medicine located in Marietta, GA

Pediatric weight loss requires a unique approach, and Excelsis Health’s board-certified obesity medicine specialist, Angelina Cain, MD, understands how to best support young patients and their families throughout their weight loss journey. Dr. Cain offers customized pediatric weight loss support in the Marietta, Georgia, office, and she welcomes parents to book a consultation online or by phone today.

Pediatric Weight Loss Q & A

What are the dangers of childhood obesity?

Around 14.4 million children and teens are obese, which means they have a body mass index (BMI) in the 95th percentile or higher on BMI-by-age charts for their sex. 

Childhood obesity can have many far-reaching consequences, including hypertension, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, respiratory problems like asthma, joint pain, and digestive issues like gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), to name a few. 

Childhood obesity can also affect mental health, potentially leading to depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, and social issues like bullying from other children.

If your child struggles with their weight, they're more likely to become obese adults. These are all excellent reasons to schedule a weight loss assessment at Excelsis Health. 

How does a pediatric weight loss assessment work?

During a pediatric weight loss assessment at Excelsis Health, Dr. Cain evaluates your child in several ways. These usually include:

  • Reviewing a food diary that you and your child complete
  • Reviewing detailed information about eating habits, exercise, and family routines
  • Calculating height, weight, and BMI
  • Lab testing to check for medical problems such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol 

Dr. Cain compiles all this information to determine whether your child could benefit from a pediatric weight loss program at Excelsis Health. 

How does a pediatric weight loss program work?

Successful pediatric weight loss is a family affair, so Dr. Cain strongly recommends that the whole family supports your child as they lose weight. Together, you and your child will learn new habits to help them succeed with weight loss and improve their overall health. The program includes:

Nutritional management 

Nutritional management includes customized recommendations, meal planning, recipes, shopping tips, help with reading food labels, and more. This process comprises beneficial education that may also help you boost your health as your child loses weight. 


Dr. Cain makes personalized exercise recommendations, focusing on whole-family activities such as family hikes. Your child needs at least an hour of physical activity daily.

Goal setting

Dr. Cain helps your child set attainable goals in their weight loss journey, guiding the process to keep it challenging but doable for your child. Goal-setting encourages your child to stay motivated and engaged. 

Because weight loss is also about whole-body wellness, Dr. Cain can help you implement other changes in your child's life, such as limiting screen time, changing sleep habits, and planning fun (and active) outings.

Dr. Cain takes a caring, compassionate, and gentle approach to help children succeed as they lose weight. Schedule your child's consultation at Excelsis Health by calling the office or book an appointment online today.