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Weight Loss Medication Specialist

Excelsis Health

Board-Certified Obesity Medicine Specialists & Lifestyle Medicine located in Marietta, GA

Weight loss medication can help you maximize the effects of diet and exercise. At Excelsis Health, board-certified obesity medicine specialist Angelina Cain, MD, offers personalized weight loss plans in the Marietta, Georgia office. Dr. Cain prescribes nutrition plans, exercise, and lifestyle modifications along with medication to help you succeed. Call the office for more information or schedule an appointment online today.

Weight Loss Medication Q & A

How does weight loss medication work?

There are a variety of oral weight loss medications available today, but generally, they all work in one or more of the following ways.

Appetite suppression

Appetite suppressants reduce your feelings of hunger.

Increased satiety

Medications that increase satiety make you feel fuller faster. 

Reduced fat absorption

Medications that reduce your fat absorption work inside your gut to prevent your body from absorbing all the fat you take in. You need a daily multivitamin supplement to combat nutrient loss with this type of pill.

There are also daily and weekly injectable weight loss medications that regulate appetite and food intake. Lower doses of injectable weight loss medications are sometimes part of a metabolic care plan. 

Am I a good candidate for weight loss medication?

Dr. Cain assesses your health and goals to determine whether you're a good candidate for weight loss medication. You might need weight loss medication if you struggle to lose weight with diet and exercise alone. 

Typically, you must have a body mass index (BMI) higher than 30 to take weight loss medication or a BMI higher than 27 if you have obesity-related conditions like type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. 

Can I take weight loss medication before or after bariatric surgery?

Studies show that weight loss before bariatric surgery can reduce post-surgical complications. Dr. Cain may prescribe weight loss medication, meal replacement, and pharmaceutical-grade supplements to help you prepare for surgery. 

After surgery, Dr. Cain monitors your weight loss closely and helps you overcome any obstacles you encounter. Up to 50% of bariatric surgery patients experience a weight loss plateau or weight gain. Weight loss medication can help you stay on track if you experience these issues after surgery. 

Is weight loss medication safe?

When misused, any drug can be unsafe. However, when prescribed by an obesity medicine specialist like Dr. Cain and closely monitored through the Excelsis Health medical weight loss program, medication is very safe and reliable. 

Weight loss medication has minimal risks when taken as prescribed, and it can have long-term benefits. Losing extra weight gives you health benefits like lower blood sugar, reduced cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure. So, ultimately, weight loss medication can help you safeguard your overall health.

To learn more about weight loss medication, call Excelsis Health or schedule a consultation online today.